Gym Glam 365 Planner Stickers
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Gym Glam 365 Planner Stickers

The Gym Glam planner stickers are designed to get us to the gym sweating it out! #noexcuses #youbettersweat

What's included?

  • 12 sheets of planner stickers created to coordinate perfectly with each respective month in the Glam Planner January through December delivered to your door in hot pink:
    • Gym Glam January
    • Gym Glam February
    • Gym Glam March
    • Gym Glam April
    • Gym Glam May
    • Gym Glam June
    • Gym Glam July
    • Gym Glam August
    • Gym Glam September
    • Gym Glam October
    • Gym Glam November
    • Gym Glam December

All sales final.